FakeHub FakeCop Maria – Ebony Stripper Rides The Policemans Helmet

Another late night shift and another pair of legs open. Ive spotted a leggy ebony chick walking the streets late at night…must be a hooker!. But no, when I pull her over, she explains that she was a stripper, and she was just our getting some fags from the shop. It sounded innocent enough, but I just wanted to keep her talking. I told her that I wanted to make sure that she was not drunk, so I asked her to blow into something. She knew I just wanted to she her big lips wrapped around something! Sure enough, she fell for my policeman charm and she invited me back to her place for a glass of wine or two. Back at her apartment, she treated me to a VIP striptease before I buried my face and cock deep into her pussy.

Maria - Ebony Stripper Rides The Policemans Helmet