JimSlip Lou Lou – College Girl Crumpet!

This week I am once again trawling the streets of London looking for fresh meat for you all to sink your teeth into. Some of you young folk out there might be confused by the word, “Crumpet” used in my title. Well, suffice it to say, those out there from the, “On The Buses” generation will know that, “Crumpet”, means “Tasty bird” or I believe in modern speak, “Fit bitch!”. Anyway, I managed to entice Lou Lou back to my lair and got her to rummage through our dressing up box. Luckily she chose the school girl outfit which suited her rather well I’d say. Having made her entrance, she then got chatting to Lara about stuff that I think you’d all find most interesting. In the mean time feast your eyes!

Lou Lou - College Girl Crumpet

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