Larkin Love Larkin Love – Short Skirt Seduction

Welcome home, honey. Guess what. I treated myself to a little shopping trip today. You know how you’re always asking me to spice up my wardrobe? I went and got some new skirts that are sure to please. Scandalously short, flirtatious, and wild, they all show off my legs and ass in a way you can’t resist – especially when I wear them with these low-cut, cleavage baring tops. I can see your cock getting hard already at the thought. Let me give you a sexy fashion show. Do me a favor, will you? I’m going to bend over slowly, and you tell me at what point you can see my panties under my skirt . . . man, that sure got your dick stiff. So which outfit do you like the best, hmm? The slutty goth, the schoolgirl, or the dominatrix? Hah, I knew you’d like all three. Guess we’ll just have to enjoy them one by one!

Larkin Love - Short Skirt Seduction