Anastasia Lux Anastasia Lux in Pascals Sub Sluts

Fat chicks, eh? Always good for a bit of rolly-polly and a bit of a chomp. And some of them, you look at their faces and you think “Cripes, missus, if you lost of few pounds you’d be a beauty”. And they would. Real supermodel quality some of ’em. If they lost a few pounds.

Anastasia Lux however requires no such weight loss. She’s fat AND she’s beautiful. None of this PC shit — some of these girls really could shed a brick or two. But Anastasia, you don’t want to change a thing. If she did, if she dropped a slice she’d lose her je-ne-sais-quo, her X Factor, her Big Mamma mojo. Because being big is what makes Ms Lux so fucking bad.

Anastasia Lux in Pascals Sub Sluts